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NEW AEOLOS P30 price list. More options, more information

We updated our price list and added a lot of accessory options, for example: - keel lifting frame for easy entry of shallow harbours

- new motor options - bag for cabin bulkheads, new rope bags, storage nets - performance kit ... and more Some options in development:

- a deeper entrance to the cabin - Cat A kit for Sydney Hobart and Fastnet Race

- diesel engine solution

- light petrol engine solution

- superlight electric engine solution (only for mooring) - interior wardrobe made of fabric

- storage bag inside the boat ... and more We are very happy that Jan Hansen has done a good Job in racing the boat in Denmark. There´s is still a huge speed potential in this boat.

We are faced and we are still facing a lot of challenges in last months/years. Due to these reasons we have to raise the price of the AEOLOS P30 a lot:

- our old price list was based on EURO, due to the weak EUR we lost 20% margin

- there is a huge increase in price of carbon and resin

- we have far higher shipment costs to get materials at the moment

- we done a lot of small improvements at the boat which increased the time and material costs

- we learned we need a lot more time for final checks and fine tuning before delivery

- all fitting supplier raised priced, also in the EUR-zone

We are booking a lot of carbon end of the week for a 60 feet boat production. If you order a boat within this week we are able to offer a big discount. Talk to us or to our dealers.

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