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More range. More speed. Less consumption. AEOLOS M40 motoryacht.

AEOLOS carbon prepreg hulls are the ideal platform for electric drives. But also with petrol engines you can reduce the consumption by appr. 50% compared to similar conventional glassfiber yachts. Thanks the combination of the low weight of 800kg and the slim linesplan.

In sailing more speed need less resistance in hull design. Our sailing yacht experience helps a lot to design super efficient motor yacht hulls. The M40 is made of Carbon Prepregs. It´s the same material which empowered Formula One cars. It´s the material of the future. Compared to most other materials carbon prepregs are more sustainable, have a small carbon footprint (yes, it´s carbon!) and enables us to produce in clean, healthy working conditions.

The AEOLOS M40 Center Cockpit is developed on request of a client recently.

The AEOLOS M40 CC offers freedom and elegance for your trip to the next beach.

The low weight makes the boat easy trailerable.

Yes. The lines wasting space. But there are enough boring boats on the market, aren't there?

Form follows function: Low resistance, high stability.

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