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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

After weeks of sanding, testíng and masking and painting the first AEOLOS P30 is dressed in a golden coat of ALEXSEAL paint. The anti skip surface is done with clear coat on the grey and golden coating.

The ALEXSEAL Paint system enables a unique surface quality and an unbelievable gloss.

The hull design leads to less air resistance upwinds, The jibs becomes up to 10% more effective when heeled, because the hull/deck border is not producing huge turbulences when heeled. The bow has a huge buoyancy, but in the event of a nose dive the low drag helps to get the nose up. A classic flat deck will continue going down until the boat runs out of speed or is capsized. The shape of the deck allows for a safe walk to the bow when the boat heels and provides a comfortable work area. More about gaining speed >>

Sexy curves ... unusual.

The next 4 boats are in production. With 9 orders from 8 countries the AEOLOS P30 is on a good way to become an international class.

The Team of Nova Composites built the boat and has done the paintwork. Thanks a lot!

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