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Fast growing business - 14 boats in production

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The month of Ramadan was a very busy time for us: 6 AEOLOS P30 are in progress. Flying Dutchman in production, 6 boats ordered. MAYLA 44" mould production has started, We finished the prototype and done sea trails with an ultralight electro motor boat (Pics and information will be online soon). AEOLOS P45 design is done. We produced lots of booms, rudders and further parts.

A lot of new projects require additional space. We are planning to move in a bigger factory to build the 2 new boats bigger than 40' and a lot of architecture projects. In between we made an upgrade in our second factory and moved with the boat assembly.

The AEOLOS Team has grown to 14 crew members: Igor, Ali, Joshua, Roland, Chris, Jun Rey, Alex, Larry, JR, Harish, Rajesh, Marco, Mihir, Hans. The Nova Team has now 60+ members.

Hull 2 (white/grey) and 3 (blue/grey) are nearly finished, hull No 5 in keel assembly frame. Boat No 4 is in final paint process and boat No6 ready for filler.

Big additional projects: Ultra light domes. Several thousand squaremeter of claddings. And more.

Mayla 44. Carbon Prepreg. 70+ Knots. Electric. 280 nm reach.

Our Kuka robots got service and update to speed up the production. We dismantled the complete machine and the track, cleaned everything and aligned it new,

The AEOLOS P30 Sea trials resulted in some optimized fittings:

The new carbon through deckhouse fittings for the AP30 halyards and trimm lines

Milling the fittings with our Kuka robot.

A raised mainsheet platform provides easy access to the sheet.

We developed a new tiller bracket and modified the tiller. The rudder in the rudderbox is now 2 degrees shifted for more rudder pressure.

Also new: The friction of the tiller angle/height is easy adjustable.

All stainless steel and aluminium work is now inhouse. We have done a lot of further additional detail optimizations:

- bigger bearings for the Gennaker tube rollers below the front hatch

- optimized foldable stairs without locks

- new stainless steel bowsprit fitting

- jib tack ratio 1:8 instead of 1:4

- navigation table lock

- nice round borders in the cabin entrance

New options (see actual pricelist):

- jib track outhauls

- sheet bags

- jib and main sail covers (for the jib with hanks - less work than rolling the jib!) - waterproof board computer with expedition and polars connected to Raymarine instruments

Some impressions of the new setup for fitting assembly in series production:

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