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Expansion and Integration. Nova, Notus & Aeolos will move in new a factory.

Thanks to the impressive feedback of our clients we have gone the next step. Buying a factory, which allows us maximum freedom to optimize our production of high performance yachts and innovative architectural elements.

The freedom of space enables us to install a optimal setup for the series production of our Yachts: AEOLOS P30, P45, M40 and further models. We learned a lot the last years and we want to speed up.

Our new home soon. The company signs are still mounted in Photoshop only.

Expansion 8/2022

A huge investment in new integrated factory: - 5000 sqm factory

- 14000 sqm land

First rough ideas how to use the space.

We put our actually 5 factories together and we invest in additional machinery.

- prepreg production

- design, prototyping

- milling 15m (extendable to 40m)

- several cleanrooms for lamination

- curing oven 20m (extendable to 40m)

- autoclave 40m for spars production

- paintbooth 20m (extendable to 40m)

- metal workshop

- carpentry

- upholstery

- yacht assembly

- yacht test basin

Oliver, our production manager, is so happy :-)

We will close the walls and integrate big sliding doors.

60m x 70m space for production of yachts and parts.

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