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CFD analysis finished! 7.15kts at TWA 40° and 14kts wind. Not bad for a 30" boat, what do you think?

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

In recent weeks we have invested a lot in the optimisation of the hull and appendices in relation to the rating by means of CFD. Finally, the hull shape, keel and rudder are ready.

Upwind Speed 14kts wind: 7.15kts, Heel 33.15, TWA 40°

This is now a very, very well balanced boat. We designed a completely new bomb, a new fin and a new rudder. The profiles have also changed a lot. The rating has improved massively without any loss of speed.

Downwind Speed 14kts wind: 11.43kts, Heel: 19.65°, TWA 140°

We checked following parameters

- buoyancy bow

- rocker hull

- width waterline

- water exit angle stern - length of the rudder - length of the keel

- width of keel

- shape/profile of the bulb

- keel/rudder thickness and profiles

For all variations we calculated the speed with CFD and with the ORC VPP. We focussed on a wind range og 12-14 knots, which corresponds to the usual conditions in Cowes or in the Baltic Sea.

Due to the fact that the hullshape and the width of the keel is defined, we can work on the detailed plans of the interior. The rough positions are already fixed with the help of VR (Virtual Reality).

We are working on ORC optimising of the sail plan now.

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