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Aeolos Yachts Quality Management

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The Aeolos P30 is a offshore racing boat which fit´s the OSR category 1 by construction and strength: "Races of long distance and well offshore, where boats must be completely self-sufficient for extended periods of time, capable of withstanding heavy storms and prepared to meet serious emergencies without the expectation of outside assistance." That means compliance with ISO 12217-2* design category A.

To ensure a continuous quality we have established a quality management process and database based documentation together with Nova Composites and Notus Composites.

Every kind of laminate (fiber/resin/foam combination) is tested before the production. We use destructive and non destructive testing methods. Due to that we can define exactly the layup process. All data are stored in our project management system with the process and the responsible employees who have carried out the work.

barcol-test: deck-laminate

Carbon/Foam combination: Testing of the bonding between laminate and foam

With every part of the boat which becomes cured in the oven we cure a piece for testing. For example for the hull we prepare a curved piece with the same layup, which we test.

Here´s a more simple, funny test to display the enormous strength of the carbon prepreg laminate ... check out the video.

2,8t Nissan Patrol on a 220g piece of panel. The weight on the front wheel is apr. 800kg.

Massive prepreg reinforcement - zero air

Controlling the core temperature.

Surface with rough structure of removed peel ply.

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