Aeolos P30 production has started at NOVA Composites, Dubai

Updated: Jun 8

Following the successful completion of the moulds at Nova Composites, we have formed a close partnership with NOVA for the first 6 boats, which we hope will lead to a long-term agreement. Mihir Shah, CEO of Nova and Hans Genthe, CEO of Aeolos committed to this guideline:

"Our goal is to produce the best performance yachts in the world, for us that means delivering the best value for the customer with clean processes throughout the value chain."

This is the way we do it:

Nova Composite is a young company, but the team is producing the fire-resistant prepreg composite panels for the famous Museum of the Future. Janaranjana Oliver, Nova's production manager, is a very experienced manager and has completed hundreds of boats and architectural projects in his lifetime. He manages a well-trained team of engineers, machine operators and workers. Nova has a 4000 sqm facilities fitted Kuka Milling Robot on a 15m track, a 15m curing oven and a air conditioned Layup area. Nova Composites received their ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in September 2020, with TÜV's third party verification.

For the AEOLOS Yachts, NOVA Composite is investing in a 12m paint booth (extendable to 16m). The installation progress has started two days ago. With the help of the superyacht paint supplier Alexseal we will achieve an outstanding paint quality - the Aeolos CEO Hans Genthe is working with the ALEXSEAL-Team since 2004.

Thanks NOTUS Composites, the supplier of our PrePregs, we were able to develop some outstanding solutions:

- 200g Carbon twill low temperature prepreg

- Epoxy glueing film for a safe sandwich/carbon connection

- 1200g Triaxial Glas fiber prepregs for reinforcements of fittings

All these solutions were previously tested in the NOTOS laboratory and were given an optimised fibre/resin ratio - designed for our boats.

More about the advantages of prepregs >>

The moulds are tempered in the oven. Above the hull mould.

Igor, the Aeolos Head of Design is preparing the foam cutting plans. Most of the foam is tapered at the borders.

Hans, the "father" of the Aeolos P30, is marking the keel slot in the mould.

Hull mould tempering is finished.

Prepeg material in the "fridge" at -9 degree.

Wow – that will be a comfortable racer. Hans is 1,94m hight.

Preparing the prepreg cutting templates.