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AEOLOS P30 - optimization phase finished

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Yesterday we had a long day in Port Rashid, working through the checklist:

- installation new rudder bearings

- mounting tubular bunks (and testing ;-) )

- PTFE film on the borders of the gennaker hatch

- adjusting rig trim

- Code 0 sheet splicing

- tubular bunks installation

- jib tack splicing

- cleaning stairs securing

- sealing cockpit hatch

- installation gennaker tube

- installation cockpit hatch lock

- cutting long screws inside, looking for sharp edges

- sanding the removable entrance bulkhead borders

- installing new padeyes

- installing halyard new through-deck blocks

- checking/adjusting all spinlock inserts

- steaming light check

- adjusting Navigation instruments

- elastic cords/plastic hooks for securing the jib when down

- elastic cord for boomvang to avoid scratches on deckhouse - cleaning - paint repairs inside

- documentation of changes

Now the first AEOLOS P30 is ready to race :-)

That´s good, because 5 further boats waiting soon for fitting:

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