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AEOLOS P30 No.2 - a white shadow in the desert

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The second AEOLOS P30 is painted now. This ALEXSEAL color combination is our standard paint scheme for the base boat. Today we took the boat out of the factory into the sun – that was a joy for all of us.

Deckhouse: ALEXSEAL T9123 - Matterhorn White Deck/Cockpit: ALEXSEAL T7155 - Kingston Gray

Hull: ALEXSEAL T9134 - Snow White

Deck and cockpit with clear ALEXSEAL antiskid

During the last 3 weeks we done a lot of testing. After the sailing at the weekends we updated the fitting documentation with our ideas and improvements. We call it the AP30 BIBLE ...

More images of the Boat No. 2

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