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A nice Christmas present: Eaton Marine & Aeolos work together

Aktualisiert: 29. Dez 2020

Dubai, 24.12.2020. Today at the Eaton Marine office, Aspect Tower, Dubai. Mike Eaton (right) and Hans Genthe (left) have agreed on the production of the AEOLOS P30 and other collaborations, which are main topics:

- Mike will produce the Aeolos Flying Dutchman and the Aeolos P45.

- Hans will be responsible for the sales of the Seaquest catamarans and the superyacht SJ115 in Europe

We are happy to have found a yacht manufacturer with this knowledge and successful yachts, and still open for new ideas.

More about Eaton Marine: https://www.eatonmarine.com/

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