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6 AEOLOS P30 IN PRODUCTION – but AEOLOS factory closed due to COVID 19 quarantine

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

At Nova Composite 6 AEOLOS P30 are in production now. The production process is working smooth and fast now.

But still some challenges: The AEOLOS factory, the second factory, is closed due to Covid 19 security measures, so no fitting, parts or model yacht production until 19th January.

No.1 - next step: Launch, waiting for Quarantine-End

No. 2 - next steps: painting, then fitting

No.3 - next steps: sanding/filler

No.4 - next steps: Wedding deck/hull

No.5 - next steps: hull curing and structural parts bonding

No.6 - deck/deckhouse produced - next step: hull production

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